Angela is different from the rest of the gargoyles in that she had a very sheltered childhood and was brought up by humans rather than her clan. Angela grew up on the mystic isle of Avalon, hidden away from human-kind's hatred and fear. Princess Katherine, Tom, and the Magus raised her and her rookery brothers and sisters in the manner of human children, giving them names and a rather human slant to looking at things. It wasn't until the Arch-Mage tried to conquer the isle that she came into contact with the outside world when Goliath, Elisa and Bronx came to the rescue. Out of her 35 rookery brothers and sisters she was the only one who chose to leave Avalon to see the world. She is the biological daughter of Goliath and Demona, though she didn't know that until Dr. Sevarius told her. Once she found out she was eager to find out more about where she came from and what Goliath's past was like. And most of all she wanted Goliath to admit that she was his daughter. But to Goliath it would be against the Gargoyle way to do so, as children are considered sons and daughters to the whole clan. It wasn't until Goliath spoke with Elisa's mother Diane, that Goliath realized that he was holding on to out-dated beliefs and denying them both a lot of family happiness. When Angela finally met the other gargoyles she was rather frustrated at the rampant one-ups-manship they were indulging in while trying to get her attention. Appealing to Elisa, she was reminded that the Trio hadn't seen a pretty gargoyle girl in over 900 years, and that all she had to do was put her foot down and make sure they know how she wanted to be treated. She did, and eventually the boys listened. Later she developed a relationship with Broadway, who returned her interest.