Brooklyn Leaping

Brooklyn is Goliath's second-in-command, and one of the trio. Out of all of the clan his perhaps the most at home in this new time. He has quickly picked up 20th century catch phrases, and adjusted to new technology to an extent where he actually rode a motorcycle. He also enjoys partaking of current fashion like leather jackets and sunglasses (which he wears at night =) ). Brooklyn can be rather reckless, often rushing into things being led by his heart not his head. But more recently, since having to take over for Goliath while he was on his Avalon journeys, Brooklyn has begun to show true talent as a leader. He often puts other's needs before his own, such as when he helped Maggie the cat rescue Talon from Fang's hostile takeover, despite the fact he has something of a crush on her. He also makes sure that others don't have to go through the same mistakes that he went through. When he was duped by Demona into luring into Goliath into a trap, he harbored anger and revenge until it was made plain to him that it just wasn't worth it. When Lexington was betrayed by the Pack in a similar manner, Brooklyn tried to make him see the lesson that he had learned without being hurt further. Brooklyn is never left off-guard for long, and can often be found making smart remarks in the middle of a life-threatening crisis. Brooklyn is the most responsible and far-seeing of the younger gargoyles but still has much to learn from his elders, Goliath and Hudson.