The Cloned Clan

The Cloned Clan, Delilah (cloned from Eliza and Demona), Burbank (Cloned from Hudson), Hollywood -(Cloned from Broadway), Brentwood (Cloned from Lexington), and Malibu (Cloned from Brooklyn), were created by Thanatos and Demona as replacements for the Manhattan Clan. When the clones were created by Dr. Sevarius, Thailog was careful not to make the same mistake Xanathos had made with him. He made sure these pitiful creatures were dumb and unquestioningly loyal. He and Demona set them against the Manhattan clan, believing the duplicates would destroy them allowing them to take over. But by making sure they didn't fight the copy's of themselves the Manhattan Clan eventually defeated them. Thailog crafted Deliah in secret, as a replacement for Demona, combining the "best" attributes of Eliza Maza and Demona and adding in a strong submissive streak. Demona discovered Thailog's duplicity when she revolted against the murdering of her daughter, Angela. Demona and Thailog fought viciously until both were seeminly consumed in flames, leaving the cloned gargoyles bereft. Only knowing one thing, "obey Thailog", the clan were helpless and confused. Talon suggested the clan come live with him, where he would teach them to think for themselves, to be free and to hopefully "use verbs".