When Xanatos and Demona saw that neither science or magic had managed to defeat Goliath and his clan, they decided to combine the two and as a result Coldstone was created. A cyborg built out of Steel Clan Technology and the remains of some of the gargoyles that had been smashed when the Vikings sacked Caslte Wyvvern, Colstone is actually inhabited by three seperate personalities. The Series II Gargoyles cards named them Othello, Desdemona, and Iago. The characters are never called by name other than Desdemona in the actual cartoon. Othello, the one most commonly in control and usually just named "Coldstone" in the cartoon, was one of Goliath's rookery brothers and a friend to the Manhattan clan. Desdemona is Othello's lover and is the object of obession for the third personality, Iago. Iago, working with the Xanatos simulation inside the machine mind of Coldstone, convinced Othello that Desdemona was unfaithful to him and was having an affair with Goliath. Iago's ultimate goal was to destroy Othello and join with Desdemona. In his confusion after he was first brought to life, Coldstone was convinced that Goliath and not Demona had been the traitor that destroyed his people. He had a change of heart when it came to actually killing Goliath however, and was finally shot by Demona with a lazer and fell into the Hudson river, presumed dead. His machine half however set about repairing himself and he reawoke, and in with the Xanatos program in control, raided a Cybernetics lab and stole vital data off of their computer. Along with the data however came a virulent computer virus that began to destroy the virtual world that the three personalities were existing in. Once Coldstone had stolen and transfered the data and virus to Xanatos, the personalities awoke with Othello in control of the body. Goliath and the Manhattan clan found him and brought him to the clock tower, where Coldstone first began showing signs of having more than one personality. An internal battle ensued with Othello and Iago battling for control. Goliath entered the mind with Lexington's help, and soon found himself immersed in the battle, while at the same time the virtual world was crumbling due to the computer virus. The battle was finally resolved when Othello finally gave up all of his jealousies joined forces against Iago with Desdemona. Unfortunately with the virtual world destroyed, the Coldstone body could not be controlled by anyone, leaving Othello, Desdemona and the evil Iago trapped in the limbo of the mind. It was Puck, working with Alexander, who finally separated the three into different bodies, Othello and Desdemona into specially designed Steel Clan robots called respectively "Coldsteel" and "Coldfire" and Iago in the Coldstone body. Goliath invited Othello and Desdemona to stay with the Manhattan Clan, but worried what Iago might get up to if not captured, the two declined. Their current whereabouts are unknown.