Coyote has had many incarnations, from Coyote 1.0 to Coyote 3.0. The first Coyote was a life-like robotic replica of Xanatos that helped the Pack (sans Fox) escape from jail and temporarily led them. The Pack was under the impression that Coyote was Xanatos until it was nearly destroyed by the Manhattan Gargoyles. All that survived was the robots damaged head, which all later versions of the robot sported. For a while the head floated around on it's own (it was able to fly using jets that came out of it's neck) acting as a sort of emissary/messenger for Xanatos. The second version was a fighting robot built to aid and lead the Pack which was now sort of "indendured" to Xanatos in return for passage out of the country. After it's distruction Coyote 3.0 (pictured above) was created both out of ordinary steel and metal of the Cauldron of Life. This rendered the robot immune to magic and Xanatos tried to use it to capture the Native American Coyote Spirit. Once again the Golaith, Eliza and Angela foiled and destroyed the robot.