Demona & Domeniqe Destine

Demona is a prime example of the fact you can't dig yourself out of a hole. Demona is a terrorist, waging a war against humanity. Demona hates humans and blames them for the destruction of her kind, never placing the blame where it belongs on her own head. Angry at being slighted and insulted by the humans of Castle Wyvvern, she conspired with the Captain of the Guard to betray the castle to Hakon and his Vikings. This resulted in the destruction of most of her clan and the rest being locked in stone, including her love Goliath. Gathering up the remnants of her kind from across Scotland she led them in a losing battle against extinction by the human race. Along the way she casually scarred a young boy in a fit of spite, who later became a hunter that pursued her and killed any gargoyle he came across. Finally she was forced to ally herself with Macbeth to destroy the Hunter. The Weird Sister's linked the two, giving Demona some of Macbeth's youth and making it so they felt each other's pain and one could not die while the other lived. Together they ruled Macbeth's Scotland until Prince Duncan attacked with the aid of the English. Convinced that Macbeth was going to betray her kind to gain the favor of the English and thus secure his throne, she betrayed him to Prince Duncan. But Duncan destroyed her clan, and "killed" Macbeth, forcing him to leave his throne. Demona was alone again remained that way for the next 900 years.

Demona is adept at using both technology and magic, and will use which ever will serve her purposes. She once tried to use Puck, one of the Children of Oberon, in one of her plots to destroy humanity. This resulted in several "double-edged wishes" going wrong. As a parting gift for a thoroughly entertaining time, and for her rudeness, Puck granted her request to not turn into stone during the day. Now she becomes a red-headed human. It was shortly after this that the Weird Sisters manipulated her and Macbeth into stealing several objects of power from the Manhattan Clan and using them as troops in the attempt to takeover Avalon. After their release she conspired with Thailog to trick Macbeth into unknowingly marry her in her human guise in attempt to gain control of his fortune. Thailog however planned to kill the both of them and have the fortune for himself. The plan was of course foiled, but despite his betrayal Demona stayed with Thailog. Together they built Nightstone corp., and using the resources of the company (namely Dr. Anton Sevarius) and genetic samples gathered from the Manhattan clan created a new clan for herself of primitive obedient clones. She and Thailog planned to destroy the originals, but Demona balked when Thailog tried to kill her daughter Angela as well. She was also furious to find that he'd created a new mate for himself with genetic samples from herself and Elisa Maza. She fought him to his death and assumed complete control of Nightstone.

Demona plots the end of humanity with an insane zeal. Her many attempts have resulted in the City being turned to stone at night by use of a spell and one of Xanatos TV studios and Puck turning all the humans to gargoyles and vice versa (not what she intended). Her last plan was the most ambitious. Using a meld of magic and science, Demona constructed a virulent plague to wipe out humanity on the night of the Hunter's moon, her own kind would be protected by the "praying gargoyle" statue. Goliath destroyed the statue, and with it Demona's desire to release the now gargoyle-deadly microbe.