Hudson is the oldest of the Gargoyles, and the least adaptable to the new world he has been thrust into. He once was the leader of the clan, but passed on leadership to Goliath when he lost his sight in his left eye during a fight with the Arch-mage. Though past his prime, he is still a valuable member of the clan, steady, dependable and a clever and feirce warrior. Even more than Goliath, Hudson is lost in the 20th century. He doesn't understand it and is unsettled at the noise and speed at which it moves. His only conduit to the outside world is the TV which he has become addicted to. But he does not go out to movies or actively search out and explore the city which he now protects. For the most part he is content to protect his home whether it be the clocktower or the castle Wyvvern. He has proven himself to be quite capable despite his lack of adaptability. After a lifetime of illiteracy, he is now learning to read with the aid of a blind man, Jeffery Robbins. Once he was captured by Xanatos to be used for and as a guinea pig in an immortality spell. He escaped unharmed on his own with no aid from the other gargoyles who believed him trapped in stone. He also fought Demona to a stand-off while protecting an injured Goliath. Both times is was through cleverness and guile, not brute force that the oldster managed to save himself and his friends. Hudson acts as a voice of much needed wisdom among the Manhattan clan and is a steady rock they all can depend on.