Name: Happosai
Alias: Happy (by Cologne), Pervert! (by everybody)
Weapons: Exploding bombs, his wooden smoking pipe
Source of Power: The underwear of young women

Happosai is the teacher of Genma and Soun. A complete pervert, he gets his energy from illicit grabbing of young women and the stealing of under garments. Virtually unbeatable by anyone other than Cologne, Happosai kept Genma and Soun in virtual slavery, forcing them to help in his theiving and plundering, and leaving them behind to take the punishment when caught. To escape from his clutches the two got him drunk, chained him to a barrel, threw the barrel in a deep cave, sealed the cave with dinamite and a large bolder covered in Buddhist scriptures. Years later the boulder cracked and he was released, he immediatly returned to torment his former students. To get out of being his slaves agian Genam and Soun give over Ranma to Happosai, who actually manages to defeat Happosai's schemes most of the time, playing on his perversions. Nevertheless, Ranma is incapable of getting rid of the old pervert.

Happosai has been the cause of many of the villians that show up later on in the story, such as Ms. Hinako and Pantyhose.

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