Anthromorphics Exhibits

An anthromorphic animal is an animal with human characteristics. Sometimes characters like these are called "furries". These are a few that I came up with. The first were drawn with a mouse on my old Amiga 500 in a program called Deluxe Paint 4. The rest were hand drawn and scanned in. Some similar designs can befound in my Mythology, Digital Composits, and Spirits Exhibits.

Misc. Furries -done in Deluxe Paint 4

A Snake Woman

A sort of Bat Woman

A Fox Woman

A Sphinx

Warrior Rodent Series

Warrior Squirrel

Warrior Squirrel 2

Warrior Bunny

Warrior Bunny 2

Warrior Mouse

Warrior Mouse 2

Warrior Mouse 3


A Green Gargoyle

A Gold Gargoyle

A Feathered Demoness (large 103k)

A Cloven Hooved Demoness

A Demoness with magic

Misc. Furries -Hand-drawn

Another Fox Woman

Parrot Woman

Another Snake Woman

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