Guest Artwork Exhibit

This is the smallest section but I hope it will grow to contain many works of art. The pictures contained here are not done by me but by talented viewers of the Gallery. This first pic was done by a friend of mine, Angel.

View the piece!

Here's what the artist has to say about the piece:

"I scanned a pencil sketch, and colored it in Photoshop."

"Sera (See-Rah) is a dinosaur, of course, but I think Jackie is harder to explain.
The Dinosaurs evolved on an alien space station, and chose to return to their ancient home. Simple.
Jackie, however, is a 'Ferret'. She is a member of a recently-freed race of slaves. Humans, during a futurish heyday of science and decadence created them, half-animal and treated as livestock. Used for sex, labour, and sport, ferrets were kept in submission for several generations. When the dinosaurs, known as 'Dragons' and 'Saurosapiens Avis' landed on earth, they helped to win the Ferrets' freedom.
Unfortunatly, hate groups are forming and growing quickly, posing a terrible threat to all three sentient species. . ."

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