Digital Composits Exhibit

These images are some of the largest on my whole site. Since these images are made up of various photographs or drawings composited together They are very hard to compress without drastically losing quality. I have tried to strike a happy medium with these images. Know that these images are not shown at their best quality in order to make them more easily viewable. Beside each image description is the file size.


Me as Ranma(41k)This picture is what I would look like if I was a Japanese cartoon character. This image was made by intially morphing a photograph of myself with a picture of a cartoon character named Ranma using a program called Morph 1.0. I then cleaned it up and composited it into an appropriate background using Photoshop 3.05.

A "furry" ID(24k) This image is intended to look like some sort of offical ID card with a picture of a anthromorphised dog as the holder. This image was created almost exactly the same was as the previous image, this time using photographs of a dog and a girl.

Cat-Girl Faces (new!) This is a set of variations on a morph did of a cat and a girl. The first is the cleaned -up morph and the rest versions I got after fiddling with it in Photoshop 3.05.

Fire-Dancers (new!)

Fire-Dancer #1 I made this image by first rendering a human figure in Poser 2.0 with a custom texture. Then I modified and added to it , and created a background for it in Photoshop 3.05. All of the Fire-dancers started with the same basic image.

Fire-Dancer #2 Created by the same process as last one.

Fire-Dancer #3 similar to last image, different background.

Fire-Dancer #4 Very similar to fire-dancer #2, slightly different background and the dancer is slightly more ghostly.

Fire-Dancer #5 Similar to Fire-dancers 2-4 but with no background.

Gargoyles (new!)

Gargoyle #1 I started with a new Poser 2.0 figure render for this one. I created the wings, feet, horns, knee spurs and background in Photoshop 3.0.5.

Gargoyle #2 Same pose as Gargoyle #2, but completley different color scheme and background.

Gargoyle #3 Created by the same process as 1&2 but with a competely different Poser 2.0 render, pose and background.

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